·         Remove the lid and place food in the bowl. Do not fill the unit past the 250ml line. (This baby food blender is designed for processing small quantities of food). 

·         Place the lid on the bowl and turn to lock into place.

·         Use the speed control dial to select slow or fast speed and blend for a few seconds until food reaches the right consistency.

·         For coarsely chopped foods, use a repeated short pulsing action until it reaches the right consistency.

·         Larger amounts of food may need more time to process.

·         WARNING! Do not operate continuously for more than 1 minute. The blender is designed to run for a maximum of 1 minute at a time.

·         After operating your baby food blender continuously for 1 minute, let it cool down for at least 2 minutes before using it again. Keep hands and utensils away from the cutting blade while chopping food.

·         If your baby food blender doesn't operate, check that the bowl locking tabs are properly positioned, and that the lid is aligned properly.These parts are designed to lock into place.

·         Make sure that the blade has stopped turning completely before removing the lid. Unplug the unit, remove the lid and carefully remove the blade by holding the connected plastic stem. Carefully pull the knife blade straight up. Remove the bowl and empty the processed food. Do not use the food blender bowl for storing food.

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